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Why us

Change the world with One Future Play

The world demands answers to climate change, poverty, exclusion, resouce depletion, plastic soup, deforestation and the loss of biodiversity. We only have 1 planet earth, seriously. If all of us would live our lives like the average Dutch person, we would need 3.6 earths! (Discover your personal impact here.)

The 17 Sustainable Development goals, the Circular Economy and the Energy Transition are solution centred. To properly implement them we put human development first. One Future Play aims to solidify sustainable development in our actions and intentions. (Discover your sustainable power here.)

To a certain extent, our actions and intentions are determined by (organisational) culture as well as knowledge and skills. It is One Future Play's social mission to accelerate the growth of our capacity for sustainable development.

How we can help you? Read this

Who are we?

One Future Play is an eclectic ensemble of intrinsically motivated experts - anthropologists, environmental scientists, creatives and developers - working hard today for a better tomorrow. Everything we do is chock-full of passion and purpose.

With the clock ticking steadily towards 2020, the need to complete our mission increases daily. It strengthens the determination of our team make sure One Future Play succeeds.

One Future Play detaches itself from old world conventions. We do not support companies with corporate stratgies that encompass blatantly unsustainable practices. Our efforts must contribute to a better world.


Our dream for the near future

We contribute to a planet that offers a home to all things living. In order to achieve this, we will change the systems in which we live and work.

We provide a new impulse to the sustainability movement. In our dream for the future, knowledge, attitude and behaviour lead to radical changes in society. We would like to see:

  • Economical decisions being measured against sustainable touchstones
  • Sustainability interwoven in education
  • A climate neutral global society
  • As yet unknown sustainable professions replacing unsustainable ones
  • One Future Play contributing to permanent sustainable development on a global scale



Thijs Struijk



Ilse Hoekstra

Sustainability Consultant

Nine de Jonge

Sustainability Consultant



Dylan Alling



Maria Van Veelen

UX/UI Designer

Thomas van Veelen

Gamification Consultant



Perry Borst



Colin Brandligt

Front-end Developer

Jeroen Verloop

Back-end Developer