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SKKB funds preliminary research

Concrete hasn’t been a very trendy and attractive topic. Time to bring the fun back into concrete!
To breathe life into sustainable concrete, One Future Play offered to develop a game for the Betonhuis. A game could spark interest in concrete for teachers and students in lower vocational studies. Betonhuis was very enthusiastic but they saw an even wider potential. The game could be created for the entire sector. Everyone studying or working with concrete can play. One Future Play is currently exploring options for this sector-changing game.


Research grand received

Sustainability can change the conservative image of concrete. What better way to do so than through an innovative game? One Future Play will chart key challenges in this field. This preliminary research will also illuminate perspectives and images about sustainable concrete. For this goal, One Future Play and the Betonhuis have been granted a subsidy by SKKB. SKKB invests in boosting knowledge about concrete.


Sustainability can change the face of concrete

Based on the research One Future Play will determine for which audiences and goals to create a bespoke game. Surprising elements can be added to the assessment. Then we will propose a game. Would students of lower and higher vocational studies benefit from a game? Or would an even wider audience be more suited? Stay tuned to find out. Our goal is to enrich the ambition of the Betonhuis as well as SKKB. One Future Play seeks to leave a lasting impression on the concrete sector.