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Engaging Utrecht’s Citizens

Utrecht Natuurlijk has commissioned us to develop 'The Utrecht Sustainability Games’, an innovative approach to engage Utrecht residents with sustainability. The commission is part of the "Stimuleringsregeling Initiatieven Duurzame Ontwikkeling (SIDO)" which is Utrecht Natuurlijk’s way to endorse initiatives that align well with the City’s sustainability policy.


Research first, produce later

Preparation determines much of the outcome of any project. Gamified assessments are no exception. We are looking forward to interviewing stakeholders within Utrecht’s City Council and delving deep in sustainability reports. As soon as we’ve gathered enough data and have come to conclusions we will enter the production phase. We will be working with Sjoerd Wenting, graphic designer, and illustrator at Creative Beards. Sjoerd’s previous work for City of Utrecht has been nothing less than inspiring.


Individuals, teams, themes, areas

Our ambition is to be able to provide feedback to individual players as well as to teams. By dividing the sustainability policy into themed areas, we trust participants will gain insights in their own and others’ sustainability proficiencies. Depending on the City’s input, we could feature themes such as waste separation and subsidies for sustainable households: two vastly different areas but also two highly relevant ones. We can’t wait to get to know Utrecht’s citizens a little better in the coming months!