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Boosting #sustainableleadership with ProRail

In the midst of the Circular Economy week on the 17th of January, ProRail organized a special event #sustainable leaders conference (#duurzameleiders). One Future Play opened the conference with the Impact Calculator and the Strongest Links game. Participants used on average around 5.6 earths per person. Many insights dawned on the players. We are enthusiastic about the quality of reflections at the event.

Transition to a circular economy 

After the game was played, there was ample room for consideration of our hidden impacts. What does a sustainable lifestyle really look like? Can you eat a croquet sandwich in good conscience? Bas Haring discussed the circular economy through examples such as this. Jan Jonkers compared linear versus circular hamburgers. To conclude, State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven from the Ministry of I & W asked what contribution the Sustainable Leaders could offer in our transition to a circular economy. All in all, the outcome of this inspiring afternoon was even better than expected.

The transition will continue

This event will definitely happen again in 2019. In the meantime, several smaller sessions will be organized around specific sustainability themes. This event brought inspiration and many ideas for lifestyle changes. One Future Play looks forward to seeing ProRail's sustainable ambition come to fruition.