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SKKB funds preliminary research

Concrete hasn’t been a very trendy and attractive topic. Time to bring the fun back into concrete!
To breathe life into sustainable concrete, One Future Play offered to develop a game for the Betonhuis.  A game could spark interest in concrete for teachers and students in lower vocational studies. Betonhuis was very enthusiastic but they saw an even wider potential. The game could be created for the entire sector. Everyone studying or working with concrete can play. One Future Play is currently exploring options for this sector-changing game.


Revolutionary book 'Hidden Impact' turned into gamified assessment

One Future Play has developed a life-changing game based on Babette Porcelijn’s inspiring book: ‘Hidden Impact: Everything you want to know and the things you can do to live an eco neutral lifestyle.’ If you’re curious about the impact of your lifestyle on the world, this is a must play.

Successful teaser demo version for Roelofs

One Future Play created a ‘teaser’ version of the game for the Roelofs group. In January 2018 iPads loaded with this game were ready to play at a convention. Passersby were asked to play this teaser game. It was a successful start to an insightful dialogue about sustainable infrastructure.  


Contributing to Edudelta College's transition

We contributed to an inspiring workshop for teachers and board members of Edudelta College, the 'best green vocational school of 2017'. First, we calculated their personal environmental impact using Babette Porcelijn's Impact Calculator, then we played our gamified assessment. A lively discussion afterward crowned this riveting evening. We are looking forward to contributing further to the bright green future of this amicable educational institution.

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Kick-off with Haarlemmermeer Municipality

One Future Play is thrilled to announce we have received a commission from the Municipality Haarlemmermeer. We will make a game for its employees. The goal is to secure the sustainability policy of the past four years. It is to be a bespoke assessment of the specifics of the three domains of the municipality (physical, business management, social).


Boosting #sustainableleadership with ProRail

In the midst of the Circular Economy week on the 17th of January, ProRail organized a special event #sustainable leaders conference (#duurzameleiders). This inspiring afternoon brought inspiration and many ideas. One Future Play opened the conference with the Impact Calculator and the Strongest Links game. Participants used on average around 5.6 earths per person. Many insights dawned on the players. One Future Play is enthusiastic about the quality of reflections at the event.

Contributing to Circular Economy Week with Rijkswaterstaat

In January Rijkswaterstaat organized the week of Circular Economy. In a burst of energy, One Future Play rapidly developed a game for their employees. When it was finished, over 1700 people played the gamified assessment in three days. Sustainability capacities became transparent in the organization. We are pleased to note that the transition is carried in the entire organization, all the way up to the CFO Jaap Slootmaker.

Technology and Mobility teachers of Aventus ace the game

More than 120 teachers of Aventus played the gamified assessment under the faithful guidance of our very own Thijs Struijk. The workshop created a ripple effect as the audience gauged their sustainability proficiencies. The assessment clearly ignited the teachers’ enthusiasm to embrace sustainability practices in the classroom.

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One Future Play concludes MIT-funded research

Could the construction sector help change the world by playing? Our research concludes this question with a whopping ‘Yes’. A gamified assessment framework is a sensible choice. Mid 2017 One Future Play received a subsidy from the National Dutch government to do research.


Nordwin College strengthens green leadership

One Future Play is very proud to be collaborating with Nordwin College, an exemplary education centre with a focus on sustainability and nature. Nordwin College offers pre-vocational secondary education as well as full-fledged vocational education.

Engaging Utrecht’s Citizens

We are proud to have been commissioned by Utrecht Natuurlijk and the City of Utrecht to develop 'The Utrecht Sustainability Games’. One Future Play will develop an innovative approach to engage Utrecht residents with sustainability. We aim to tackle themes varying from waste separation to municiple subsidies for sustainable households.